INSERT 23" 2010-2016

INSERT 23"  2010-2016
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  • Item #: ZHS23-A, ZHS23-B, F2310D, F2308E

23" Replacement insert for Big Lots and Fingerhut 2013-2016 ZHS-23-A Product Code15IN-C-030-007, 15IN-23-084, #13IN-23-060, ZHS23B Product code 15IN-23-094 and 2012 F2310D, Product code 11-IN-23-029 and 2011 Model #F2308E/F2309E,Product #10IN-23-06.THIS MODEL WILL IS NOT AVAILIBLE, BUT CAN BE BACK ORDERED.  EXPECTED DELIVERY IN JANUARY 2018 

Model # and Date Code are located on the back of the insert.$200.00 PLUS Shipping and Handling: $110.00

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Price $200.00
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